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Jeff Conley, Director
PO Box 34300
Indianapolis, IN 46234
Ph: (317) 969-8890

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Moser Engineering Sportman Shootout


Final Points Standings for The Moser Engineering Sportsman Shootout


Top Dragster

Top Sportsman

Super Comp

Super Gas

1.JB Strassweg         240

1.Badeye Brinegar   229

1.Jacob Elrod            311

1.Devin Isenhower  299

2.Lynn Ellison           240

2.Mark McDonald   208

2.Joseph Fuesting    280

2.Jacob Elrod            267

3.Mike Coughlin      229

3.Alex Bosak             199

3.Chris Balcom         225

3.Jason Lynch           247

4.Tom Martino        208

4.Tim Molnar           197

4.Chad Lamont        213

4.Janice Swan           246

5.Tony Elrod             208

5.Don O'neal            196

5.Philip Smida          202

5.Joey Shipp             234




Super Street

Super Stock


1.Phillip Smida                         269

1.Jeff Dona                               288

1.TC Morris                              300

2.Denny Napier                       258

2.Tyler Bohannon                   267

2.Aaron Allison                        266

3.Bob Schmidt                         246

3.Nick Morris                           236

3.Chris Stephenson                246

4.Scott Mackie                         226

4.Craig Marshall                      225

4.Craig Marshall                      235

5.Jason Satterly                       225

5.Brian Stufflebeam               223

5.Tom Russell                          225



Moser Engineering and NHRA North Central Division will present the “NHRA Moser Engineering Sportsman Shootout” to be contended at the Beech Bend Divisional Event. The Moser Engineering Sportsman Shootout will consist of a divisional points series that will qualify racers for a season ending race-within-a-race.

The top 2 points finishers in the Moser Engineering Sportsman Shootout points from Super Stock, Stock, Super Comp, Super Gas, Super Street, Top Dragster, and Top Sportsman will make up 14 of the 16-car field. The remaining 2 positions will be drawn at random from a pool of on line registrants. Be sure to visit moserengineering.com to get registered for the wild card positions and to see payouts, rules, and bracket arrangement.

Moster Engineering Sportman Shootout

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